A bit of history here. I'm sure that these high user counts all participate
with telnet connections. Back in the day, I believe circa 1983-5, Ted
Sabarese, president of Ultimate, illustrated one of the highest number of
connected *serial* terminals on one system. It was an interesting photograph
as he lined up 1,000 dumb terminals on the bleachers at a local high school
and had them all BLOCK-PRINTing something like their port number.

I don't exactly remember the machine's specs, but given the Microdatas of
that time it probably had 260MB disc drive, 8 MB of 'core' memory and the
latest '14x' processor. Boy, I wish I knew what those speeds of those older
systems were in today's terms. 2x, 7x, 14x...What's an 'x'?  IIRC, the
original IBM-PC was 4.7Mhz.

My 4.7 cents.

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I would imagine in any of the scenarios that has been given, if some form of
"local" (client side) intelligence is employed, coupled with a
non-persistent connection scheme to the central database, that the numbers
that have been quoted here (2-10,000) could easily be multiplied by a factor
of 5-10 ..... but of course you may  hit the wall in terms of saleability of
web servers (web farms), network topology & infrastructure etc.

I think it would be fair to say, within the parameters that others have
outlined (massively large databases vs. massively large user populations)
that there are no practical limits to mv scalability.

I recall hearing a story about when Tim Holland migrated Pick Open
Architecture to the Sequoia machine. Similar concerns were raised about the
saleability of "pick", but it soon became obvious that it was the underlying
Unix that would be "pushed"

Given the historic position that mv allows you to do more with less, I don't
think we should be too surprised by this.

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
Visage – an Evolution in Software Development

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>There are quite a few sites running upwards of 2000 users in my region
>(Asia Pacific).  The model is many small users (such as insurance brokers,
>accountants, tax agents, etc.) having dial-in access.  One site is licensed
>for 3300 users, and sustains a load over 3000 users most of the day with
>acceptable response metrics.  Strictly two tier (one tier really).
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