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>Well I think that's going to depend on the application.
>In an application where some users need read-only access to a few
>AND where they are not doing mass updates then it could be fine.  

I agree. But thats not clustering then is it?

>If a users 
>says "show me the on-hand quanties for part xxx-yy" and it doesn't matter
if it 
>takes a second or two to come up, then UV Net or any other similar product 
>would be fine.

I suppose that depends on the response time expectations of your users.  The
last time I worked on an project which attempted to utilized UvNet
(disclaimer: this was several years ago, perhaps performance has improved
recently)it was unsuitable for interactive applications (i.e. freaking
slow). YMMV

>However if that same user wants to update every sales order with (empty)
>to a sales order with zero tax, and you have one million past sales orders
>then you might have a problem.
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