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> The HP superdome systems I've seen running Universe apps were single large
> multiprocessor systems.  One notable example was for a wholesale
> distribution company running 400+ branches and around 7500 users on a single
> 24 processor machine attached to a large EMC Clariion disk array. One big
> database too.  
> In my experience UV Net is much too slow to use as a clustering tool.

Well I think that's going to depend on the application.
In an application where some users need read-only access to a few databases, 
AND where they are not doing mass updates then it could be fine.  If a users 
says "show me the on-hand quanties for part xxx-yy" and it doesn't matter if it 
takes a second or two to come up, then UV Net or any other similar product 
would be fine.

However if that same user wants to update every sales order with (empty) tax 
to a sales order with zero tax, and you have one million past sales orders ... 
then you might have a problem.
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