The HP superdome systems I've seen running Universe apps were single large
multiprocessor systems.  One notable example was for a wholesale
distribution company running 400+ branches and around 7500 users on a single
24 processor machine attached to a large EMC Clariion disk array. One big
database too.  

In my experience UV Net is much too slow to use as a clustering tool.

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What does the hardware look like for a system with this many users ?
Are they all running the same apps going after the same data ?
Is UV/NET involved ?
I curious on how you would scale up to a large number of users running the
same application.  Would you beef up the machine or would it be better to
hook up a number of machines with UV/NET linking them together ?

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afaik france telecom has 30000 users online on a universe/unidata system
and i also think there is a hp superdome running 3000 users in gb
looks like its scalable to me :-)
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