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> On 6/12/17, 7:45 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of Mark Waddingham wrote:
>     Another useful thing which I'm not sure is particularly visible
>     (but is in the dictionary!) is the group 'clipsToRect' property.
> Mark …Ha! "OOooh Myy Gawd"
> had I known this from the beginning it would all have "worked out of
> the box" because the resetting rects and locs of child objects of the
> group was causing the rect of the group to "jump around" hence there
> no fixed coord system to work from.

The default behavior of groups (automatically resizing to fit their interior controls) is not limited to adjusting the rects of those controls by script. If you move them with the pointer tool you'll see the same expansion of the group to accommodate them.

Prior to the clipsToRect property you can get the same clipping by locking the location of the group.

While clipping is rarely needed, this is a great convenience for those times when it is.

Another property worth noting is the boundingRect, which limits the scrollable are in a group to a specified rect. This can be esp. useful for apps that include a drawing/layout UI, letting you limit the scrolling group to mimic a fixed page size, for example.

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