Mark Waddingham wrote:

    This might have been mentioned somewhere else in this thread, but its 
    probably worth repeating if so as a group with clipsToRect true, and a 
    resizeControl handler makes a good base for a custom control.

BR: indeed confirmed

just by setting that one property for the group. the very first script I wrote 
to attempt this "responsive business"

works, because the coord system is now "me" or the rect of the group which is 
really what we want.

on resizeControl
   lock screen
   set the rect of img "info-bkgnd-img" to the rect of me
   set the width of grc "info-field-bkgnd" to the width of me * .95
   set the height of grc "info-field-bkgnd" to the height of me * .95
   set the width of fld "info-text" to the width of me * .85
   set the height of fld "info-text" to the height of me * .85
   set the loc of  img "info-bkgnd-img" to the loc of me
   set the loc of grc "info-field-bkgnd" to the loc of me
   set the loc of  fld "info-text"  to the loc of me
   set the right of widget "close-info" to the right of grc "info-field-bkgnd" 
   set the top  of widget "close-info" to the top of grc "info-field-bkgnd" +10
   set the loc of me to the loc of this card
   unlock screen
end resizeControl

@Richard who wrote:"      Another key change is when "resizeControl" is sent: 
      that was only sent to controls when resized with the pointer tool,
      but in recent versions that message is sent to groups whenever
      anything changes their rect, even other scripts."

OK yes… this does work, I was thinking it was broken because of the wonky 
behavior of the group shifting to the rect of the union of child objects.   I 
probably could have set a break point on the resizeControl handler.. but didn't 
think of that until just now.

on mouseUp
   set the rect of grp "display-info" to 50,50,400,400 
     # this is just to set a base coords = a square  for "me"
     # later set to the card loc
   send "resizeControl" to grp "display-info" 

    #hacky bit in case clutzy fingers moved the control in dev
    # the resizeControl does not fire, but the the control shifts to topleft 
    # so we force it… 

end mouseUp

OK this is very cool… next trick…I forcing myself to see how far I can separate 
code from the actual binary stack into lib's and behaviors. so that nothing but 
"little triggers" remain in the binary GUI.livecode stack; fascinating.

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