Dear Nifi users/developers,

I was wondering how can I calculate the theoretical throughput of a Nifi
server? let's suppose we can eliminate different bottlenecks such as the
file flow rep and provenance repo bottleneck by using a very high-end SSD.
Moreover, assume that a very high-end network infrastructure is available.
In this case, is it possible to reach 800MB throughput per second per each
server? Suppose each server comes with 24 disk slots. 16 disk slots are
used for creating 8 x RAID1(SAS 10k) mount points and are dedicated to
the content repo. Let's say each content repo can achieve 100 MB
throughput. May I say the total throughput per each server can be
8x100=800MBps?  Is it possible to reach this amount of throughput
Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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