Hagar Delest wrote:
losing the file saved last time is just unacceptable, it's a major data
loss (P1 in the bug tracker). This problem should be investigated as
seriously as possible.
No bashing needed, just look at the facts.

The problem here is all with reproducing the bug. OpenOffice has so many users, on so many systems, that even a problem that occurs, say, once in ten millions save operations will get reported.

It's a fact that there exist some users who report losing a document. But it's not even clear if the culprit in those cases is OpenOffice, or the operating system, or a RAM problem, or a disk failure... Like you, I've been a regular OpenOffice user for many years and I never had a similar problem.

A random note if this can help: to study this problem, once I tried to deliberately fill the hard disk until I had a few MBytes free. Then I opened a heavy presentation file, with many images, and edited it normally, adding and removing content. An automatic backup failed (due to the full disk) and I think an error message was displayed (I/O error). I then tried a save operation, which failed with the same error. But then I was stuck: the file I was editing was corrupted (the images did not display) and the last saved version on disk was corrupted too (of course this was a test so I had made a backup before testing). Maybe this deserves a better investigation.

It could be that some or all of these bug reports are due to a full disk (I do know some people who work with <100 MBytes free on disk, so it's not even a "1 in millions" scenario). The good thing is that this scenario can be reproduced.


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