Le 05/01/2014 10:30, Aspects a écrit :
With apologies, but can we get back to finding a solution to this problem 
rather than slagging each other (and AOO) off.

I have used this suite since version 2 on OS X, Linux and Both 32 and 64-bit 
versions of Windows. I have only ever suffered minor glitches with formatting 
and some eccentricities with the spell-checker: both of them known and cured at 
the next minor version update.

So do I (on Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7, x/ubuntu) and never had this problem 
(using AOO 8 hours a day at work on Windows systems).
But there are enough reports to confirm that there IS a problem somewhere. A 
clear root cause is power shortage (that is different than just killing the 
soffice process). What is not clear for me is if the shortage has to occur 
during a save process or not and in what step of the save process. NB: some 
reports seems to tell that no process was involved during the shortage. A disk 
cache issue then?

This is unusual and sounds very much as if a file format was wrongly applied at 
the last save. Can we all concentrate on getting these two problems solved: 
finding some way of recovering the document and tracing down the glitch that 
caused this.

I'm definitively sure that this is not a file format issue: the content of the 
file is full of zeros. There is absolutely nothing left. So no recovery 

Some will find the rants from users FUD but I do understand such rants. This is 
a good reason to be furious against the application. I understand a problem 
during save process so I would put up with losing the new version of the file 
I'm saving (I mean the last edits). But losing the file saved last time is just 
unacceptable, it's a major data loss (P1 in the bug tracker). This problem 
should be investigated as seriously as possible.
No bashing needed, just look at the facts.


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