On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Stephen Nichols wrote:

I used WordPerfect for 15 years because of two reasons, besides that it’s a 
great product.
1)  I hate Microsoft.
2)  I absolutely LOVE the “reveal codes” function of WP.  It is the most 
powerful tool in word processing, eliminating all sorts of bad formatting 

I can’t easily use WP anymore since all of our computers have gone to Macs and 
Corel won’t come back with their Mac version.  I find OpenOffice a very 
suitable replacement.  But … Why can’t/won't OpenOffice add a similar feature?

Stephen Nichols
Aldie, Virginia

You may be interested in looking at bug 3395 from 2002:

Many people have said that it's impossible. A couple of people have worked on macros that demonstrate that it is possible (cf. my old
discussion at

- Robert
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