> This is the problem!
> I looked at the packages for conflict and figured the issue is in gnpug.
> Zentyal repository contains gnupg version 2.1.15-1ubuntu6 which breaks
> python-apt <= 1.1.0~beta4.
Ok, thank you! Any workaround (something like packege pinning?) to fix this

> > And this is a BIG problem ... Can I open a bug ? Where?
> Agreed.
> Open a bug with Zentyal. They broke the packages from Ubuntu and should
> fix it themselves. They have to backport newer version of python-apt.
> The one from yakkety (1.1.0~beta5) should be good enough to fix the
> problem.
> In the bug report note that the ovirt-guest-agent from Ubuntu repository
> cannot be installed. It is not only related to the package from the
> private repo.

Ok, Thank you!
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