You have a point, but I've been using Idea for... 6+ years now.
These guys are very sales oriented.
They added GWT support as a point release, like it was a no big deal.
When they see there's a demand - they move on it. 
And if they can add a new popular framework for the launch - they just may,
to make it sell better. They are in a war with Eclipse and "we got that and
it's better" has been their selling angle.

But if someone wants to make the wicketidea plugin actually work - that'd be
cool too :)  Current one barely shows up and is VERY sensitive.

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i think getting official support for wicket in idea is too late. the 
roadmap was published about 6 months ago, for example at
 and there is already a beta version available at

but maybe it is the right time to give wicketforge some polish. my 
suggestions for enhancements, since it should be possible to better 
develop plugins since it is open source now.
*) validation of propertymodels/CPM like idea does for expression 
Language for jsp. ability to ctrl-click to the corresponding getter and 
"find usages" of those getters
*) support for "find usages" for wicket:ids
*) central facet for wicket, to control its settings.
*) ability to turn off the "non-serializable field in serializable 
class" warning in components for fields that are injected.


> If any of you guys are using Intellij Idea, I HIGHLY suggest you go to the

> EAP Forum 
> and post that you want Wicket support in 9.

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