What do you mean that the current one shows up?  I haven't updated
WicketForge to work with IDEA 9 because I'm not on IDEA 9.

Feel free to submit patches.  Right now WicketForge does everything I need
it to do, so unless I start using Wicket more often or it doesn't meet my
needs, I'm not really inclined to spend my limited free time on it.

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 3:12 PM, Alex Rass <a...@itbsllc.com> wrote:

> You have a point, but I've been using Idea for... 6+ years now.
> These guys are very sales oriented.
> They added GWT support as a point release, like it was a no big deal.
> When they see there's a demand - they move on it.
> And if they can add a new popular framework for the launch - they just may,
> to make it sell better. They are in a war with Eclipse and "we got that and
> it's better" has been their selling angle.
> But if someone wants to make the wicketidea plugin actually work - that'd
> be
> cool too :)  Current one barely shows up and is VERY sensitive.
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> i think getting official support for wicket in idea is too late. the
> roadmap was published about 6 months ago, for example at
> http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2009/05/maia-eap-is-finally-here/
>  and there is already a beta version available at
> http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/nextversion/index.html
> but maybe it is the right time to give wicketforge some polish. my
> suggestions for enhancements, since it should be possible to better
> develop plugins since it is open source now.
> *) validation of propertymodels/CPM like idea does for expression
> Language for jsp. ability to ctrl-click to the corresponding getter and
> "find usages" of those getters
> *) support for "find usages" for wicket:ids
> *) central facet for wicket, to control its settings.
> *) ability to turn off the "non-serializable field in serializable
> class" warning in components for fields that are injected.
> br
> andreas

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