On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 14:06, Adam Hooper wrote:
> I can't speak for squirrelmail, but as far as I know, sqwebmail is just 
> a Maildir client. It does not open any IMAP or POP connections, just 
> reads and writes files. (Note: This saves processor cycles!)

I have always considered that _the_ key feature of sqwebmail.  No POP,
no IMAP, just Maildirs and the authentication systems of your choice.

I had a user who had some problem (I forget) with sqwebmail and I headed
straight for OMail because it also reads Maildirs.

That said, I'm running my first couple of Courier IMAP servers now and
I've found it solves some problems nicely, for example I have some
people who may replace their address that forwards to multiple POP
accounts with a shared IMAP folder.

You didn't mention what kind of mail server you operate.  If you're
running a private (corporate) mail server you're likely to see things
differently than the operator of a public (ISP) mail server would.  I've
presently got some of each under my purview, and on the private servers,
once IMAP is available, it seems everyone wants it.  On the public
servers, it is offered as a service enhancement.

One thing I've found applies in either case is people who didn't need a
quota before do now because these users retain large amounts of mail in
their inboxes, which was their problem under POP3, and under IMAP it has
become mine.

- Ron

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