I can't speak for squirrelmail, but as far as I know, sqwebmail is just a Maildir client. It does not open any IMAP or POP connections, just reads and writes files. (Note: This saves processor cycles!)

Besides which, the "advantage" of POP that you desire (free space on the server) is completely lost with web-based mail. The message STILL needs to stay on the server: if the message were downloaded to the client's web browser and deleted off the server, it would disappear! The only workaround would be for the web-pop-mail server to store the messages on its hard drive, which defeats the purpose. This is why IMAP or Maildirs are used in mail clients.

Hotmail used to offer a free POP service. If I recall correctly, it would download messages from a POP server and store it on the Hotmail servers.

For clients to store mail on their own machines, they will need either POP or IMAP mail clients.

Not to mention, with the POP protocol clients can keep messages on the server, and with IMAP they can delete from the server. The protocol has no effect on disk space, and very little on CPU and bandwidth. Do not be fooled by the fact that many IMAP users store their messages on the server.

Adam Hooper

Jeff Koch wrote:

It seems that the qmail, vpopmail, qmailadmin people tend to recommend squirrelmail and sqwebmail. However, these are both imap clients. Our initial reaction is to prefer (in order to save bandwidth, cpu cycles and disk space) pop3 and have users keep their mail folders on their local PC's. Why do you all like the imap web email clients? Are there any pop3 only web email clients that you guys would recommend?

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