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It seems that the qmail, vpopmail, qmailadmin people tend to recommend squirrelmail and sqwebmail. However, these are both imap clients. Our initial reaction is to prefer (in order to save bandwidth, cpu cycles and disk space) pop3 and have users keep their mail folders on their local PC's. Why do you all like the imap web email clients? Are there any pop3 only web email clients that you guys would recommend?

I think people like the webmail clients because the protocol allows for more flexibility. There's nothing gained by switching to POP3 for a webmail client -- you still need to keep the user's email on your server. The web browser won't download and store the email on their PC.

Getting your users to use a POP3 email client like Outlook Express or Eudora would reduce bandwidth and CPU cycles as the server would transmit only the email messages (without HTML overhead and message manipulation) to the end-user, and would typically only do it once.

Some users don't have a single, local PC to store their email on, and prefer to use IMAP so they can access their email from multiple machines, and even have access to old email via a web browser when away from their PC.

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