> De: Paul L. Allen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Ms. Catherine Kouzmanoff writes:
> > It is a  time to call together everyone on this list to insist that 
> > Tom
> > Collins  add Ken Jones or another representative from Inter7.
> I've been using vpopmail for a few years now and didn't really care 
> who was in control as long as somebody was.  When I saw Ken's comments 
> I thought that perhaps Tom had acted a little precipitously in 
> blocking Ken.  After seeing your shameful comments I am inclined to 
> think that Tom was correct.

I can agree with that. I didn't like Ms. Kouzmanoff's letter either.

> Ken himself seems like a nice guy who is genuinely concerned for the 
> users and who feels left out.  You seem like a piece of shit 
> determined to keep the Inter7 stamp on vpopmail at all costs (which 
> fall upon the users).

No need to use bad words. That is a personal attack that is useless and
uncomfortable to me. Please do those comments privately.

> You have George Dumbya Dush's talent for uniting people.  Most of the 
> world now hates the US and most of this list now hates you and Inter 
> 7. Well done!
> --
> Paul Allen
> Softflare Support

I don't hate neither Inter7 nor Ms. Kouzmanoff nor Bush. Not even that
President that missed his responsibilities because of a spot in a dress. 

No need to mix politics either, but, as a European I can tell you that [some
of] the world hates the US[/capitalism] since, at least, 50 years ago.

Even some Americans kind of hate US/capitalism and defend the "First Blame
America" phrase.

In Open Source initiatives, like in politics, the enemy is inside.

I am sure that Bill Gates would be very glad to read this thread. And Ben
Laden to read your comments.

Kind regards.

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