Ken Jones writes:

> Since I have been working on vpopmail almost every day
> for the last 5 years (including most weekends), it is very
> difficult for me to hear people saying I have not done enough
> lately. Even during these last 6 months where we have not
> made a new devel release

If I had submitted bug reports or patches during those six months and
there had been no new release in all that time then I would say that
you had not done enough no matter how much work was going on behind
the scenes that I was unaware of.

> I continue to work on it just about every day:

So far, so good...

> training people,

Training employees so that they can offer paid support to customers?
Training paying customers?  Those are business operations from which
you gain but the rest of us do not.

> trouble shooting, installing,

Ditto.  If you're doing that stuff for free then criticisms of you
were harsh (but still valid because bugs need to be fixed).  If it's
paid work then it doesn't count.  I get paid to install vpopmail on
systems but I do not in any way claim that such work contributes
to vpopmail development except indirectly if I find and report a problem.

> trying to work on new documentation,

New documentation would be good.  But secondary to fixing real bugs
or adding features needed to support enhancements in sqwebmail and
the like.  And 6 months to update documentation seems rather excessive
to me.  Can we see it or did a dog eat it yesterday?

> monitoring the mailing list.


If you monitor the mailing list then why did you not notice several
months ago that Tom and others have been working on vpopmail?  If
you monitor the mailing list then why do you rarely notice that Tom
has put out a new development release and update the Inter 7 website
to reflect that?  If you monitor the mailing list then why did you not
notice several days ago that somebody keeps maliciously subscribing
auto-responders to the mailing list and remove them?

I have to say that I now agree with Tom irrespective of Ms Cat's
ill-advised mail.  You just pegged my bullshit detector at FSD.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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