Lets keep to the topic and leave the conspiracy theories for anther forum. Politics and religion are better discussed else where.


Dubya has done more to drive up al-Qaeda recruitment than bin Laden
ever did. Which is only fair because bin Laden has always been a puppet
of the same people that control Dubya. The attacks of 9-11 benefited
Bush and his cronies immensely, which is why the ample warnings were
"ignored," why the US Air Force did not follow Standard Operating Procedures that day, and why there continues to be a massive cover-up
over events. For a European you are almost as misinformed as most people
in the US yet you do not have their excuse of media willing to cover up Bush's lies and incompetence. This recent article by a UK Member of Parliament covers only a small portion of the damning evidence against
Bush but should be enough to let you use google to find the rest.

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