This whole problem could have been avoided if Tom
had contacted me and told me about his plans.
I would have agreed. I think using source forge is a 
great idea. 

Unfortunately Tom did not talk to me. The first I heard
of his intentions was when the FreshMeat admins emailed
me saying Tom wanted to take ownership of the vpopmail
and qmailadmin projects. 

Why bother with a fork when I would have agreed?

I asked Tom what was going on and his response was
what I have previously said, he would never share admin
access with me, ever. Makes one wonder, no?

I finally decided to take this public to the list when
it became clear that one of Tom's goals was to exclude me.
Why? I don't know. Yesterday Tom said part of his reason
was he was worried I would revoke his admin rights. 

Since I have been working on vpopmail almost every day
for the last 5 years (including most weekends), it is very
difficult for me to hear people saying I have not done enough
lately. Even during these last 6 months where we have not
made a new devel release I continue to work on it just about
every day: training people, trouble shooting, installing, trying
to work on new documentation, monitoring the mailing list.

So Tom.. what do you say? Let us put this whole thing behind
us and join together and build an excellent new stable release?
I like Michael's compromise, what do you think?

Ken Jones

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