At 05:30 AM 9/10/2003, Chris Pugh wrote:
> I doubt it because this thread shows that nobody
> owns GPLd software  and that monopolies are not
> possible in Open Source.

My ha'penny / cents worth:

If this statement is true then make impartiality the
byword. Total admin control over the project should be
given neither to Tom nor Ken, but to an independent
indiviual, a moderator, not necessarily someone with a
vested interest in the vpopmail project.

"vested-interest" implies that the moderator receives benefit from 'ownership'. This is not the case.

IMVHO, and in view of current comments, I've yet to
see evidence of such a person on this list!

On the Inter7 base page vopomail along with other
items is listed under 'Free Software'

Who is going to draw what line and where?

yes, and inter7's site still lists two of DJB's software packages (daemontools and ucspi) as "GPL software", which is completely wrong, and which they were notified of many months ago and still have not corrected.

Apparently, inter7 releases software under the GPL, but they haven't taken the time to read or understand it.

They do so at their own peril in the marketplace of both ideas and products.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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