On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 13:47, Eduardo M. Bragatto wrote:
> Hi,
>       I've been using vpopmail with cdb authentication system on many servers 
> about 2 years and I don't have any complains about it.
>       Looking the README.mysql from vpopmail 5.4.0 it says:
>       "Using vpopmail with MySQL is becoming increasingly popular.
>       The code is well tested and can be considered to be just
>       as stable as the default CDB authentication system."

except for the segfaults adding domains and users when using mysql
replication along with it :)

>       Is there any special reason to use MySQL instead of CDB? I'm not an 
> expert on database systems, but CDB just seems more stable and faster to 
> me (I'm not saying it is, it's just my impression about it and as I 
> said: I'm NOT an expert).

well, cdb becomes very cumbersome with large numbers of users.  the
passwd.cdb file is very slow to rebuild (adding a new user, changing
password, etc) and while it's being rebuilt, it's locked, so it can
cause a whole lot of problems given the right conditions.

mysql is EXCELLENT for large sites.  small sites (less than 100 users)
you'll probably see a performance HIT going to mysql, but less than 100
users, you probably won't even notice it ;)

>       I'm asking it because since vp+mysql is becoming so popular, should be 
> a good reason for that. So, I'd like to hear from you the advantages and 
> cons about it compared with CDB.

unless you have at least 500 users, I'd stick with cdb.  mysql adds
bloat to the binaries, and can make things slightly slower.


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