On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 14:07, Nick Harring wrote:

> Well, I'll not flame, but I will correct. Stripping removes debugging
> symbols only which only get loaded, iirc, when you load the binary in a
> debugger like gdb. 

Thanks, I'll have to look more into this as it's something that I'd like
to understand better.

> The case for dynamic versus static libraries is a tricky one. With
> dynamic you do load the same libraries over and over for one shot
> binaries, however if they execute often enough, like vdelivermail on a
> busy server, the cache will keep it in memory. Of course, this may also
> be true of the larger binaries that are statically linked. Generally
> though you'll end up suffering more with statically linked binaries that
> get called often because they consume more of your cache, and each is
> more likely to get expired from the cache since they don't reference
> anything in common, whereas with a shared library that several often
> executed binaries load its more likely to stay in cache since the
> FS/VFS/whatever sees it being accessed more often.

yea, it's probably a small enough trade off one way or the other that it
wouldn't matter.


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