Il mer, 2004-09-08 alle 19:55, Jesse Guardiani ha scritto:
> Howdy folks,
> Sorry for the flame bait, but I'm just curious what all you
> seasoned vpopmail veterans have to say about Postfix + Cyrus.
> Back in 2002 when my company chose to go with QMail + Vpopmail
> I thought it was the Right Choice, but these days I'm hearing a lot
> about Postfix + Cyrus. For a while there, it seemed like vpopmail
> development was grinding to a halt, but these days it seems to

No, i don't think that the vpopmail development is on a halt, i think
that it's the opposite: vpopmail dev was stopped on v5.2.x version when
was developed only by inter7, since Tom Collins has joined (or better:
maintaned) the development vpopmail has get a big sprint.

I don't think that the problem is vpopmail, the problem is qmail:
after 6 years since 1.03 version there's no modific to the original
version, now you always need addictional feature like antivirus
integration, more spam filters, a lot of other things... this lead to a
patch-over-patch phenomenon that is an headace for the qmail
So you need a toaster like netqmail-1.05 + bill shupp patches, but
sometimes this is not enoght. On the other hand postfix is active
developed even on the core.
So i think that the problem of qmail is its license and it's author's

> be picking back up again. Even QMail seems to be at least partially
> back under development with the Netqmail package. It's giving me
> hope for the platform that I've invested so much of my personal time
> into.
> For those of you who have had the opportunity to work with BOTH
> systems, which do you prefer and why?
> BTW, I currently run QMail + vpopmail & friends + courier-imap + sqwebmail.

Don't use sqwebmail, use squirrel.


Davide Giunchi

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