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> Il mer, 2004-09-08 alle 19:55, Jesse Guardiani ha scritto:
> > Howdy folks,
> >
> > Sorry for the flame bait, but I'm just curious what all you
> > seasoned vpopmail veterans have to say about Postfix + Cyrus.
> >
> > Back in 2002 when my company chose to go with QMail + Vpopmail
> > I thought it was the Right Choice, but these days I'm hearing a lot
> > about Postfix + Cyrus. For a while there, it seemed like vpopmail
> > development was grinding to a halt, but these days it seems to

> I don't think that the problem is vpopmail, the problem is qmail:
> after 6 years since 1.03 version there's no modific to the original
> version, now you always need addictional feature like antivirus
> integration, more spam filters, a lot of other things... this lead to a
> patch-over-patch phenomenon that is an headace for the qmail
> administrator.

Yes I agree

I extensively used qmail/vpopmail at the ISP I used to own.

However, I sold the business to a larger ISP last year, and now "I work for
them". They use postfix as their standard mail server. Since being exposed
to this software I marvel at all the fabulous features compared with qmail.
In particular the ease that you can perform a vast array of checks /
filtering on incoming mail. The more I see of postfix, the more I understand
just how out-of-date that qmail really is.

But! whenever I demonstrate the vpopmail software to any of the guys at my
new place of employment, they are the ones who are marvelling at the ease of
use and features of vpopmail.

The perfect world would be a vpopmail mailbox management combined with
postfix MTA  :-)


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