Will this also allow the user to sort spam to a user specified folder as
well? Would be nice to cut out a procmail process too.

> On Feb 25, 2005, at 8:48 PM, Ken Jones wrote:
>> I wrote the code since we needed to support per user spamassasin
>> preferences. At Tom's request I put it in the 5.5 development version.
>> We run a 5.5.1 version production with no problems.
>> I think it's about time we merged this feature into the 5.4 release.
>> Any objections?
> I plan on rolling it in to 5.4 after my updated vdelivermail has been
> released and tested further.  Since most of the code for the per-user
> spamassassin filtering is in vdelivermail, I'd rather re-integrate it
> into my new code.
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