On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Ken Jones wrote:

I wrote the code since we needed to support per user spamassasin
preferences. At Tom's request I put it in the 5.5 development version.
We run a 5.5.1 version production with no problems.

I think it's about time we merged this feature into the 5.4 release.
Any objections?

How does this impact the current spam assassin option in qmailadmin?

We currently use that (it just calls a default maildrop recipe) and use a squirrelmail plugin to set spamass prefs. We have another in-house plugin that can toggle the filtering on/off from within squirrelmail which I'm currently rewriting to use vpopmaild for .qmail manipulation.

Is there a blurb somewhere that outlines how this new system works?



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