>> How about if a mailbox called SPAM exists, put it there, otherwise just
>> drop it in the INBOX?
> That would be my choice, a lot of the systems I've looked at used the
> IMAP folder "Spam" to hold the messages tagged by spamc. That is how I
> had been planning to do it. Alternatively couldn't a env var be used?
> Change the var, change the delivery path relative to the users home dir.

Sounds good to me, although better make sure the "spam" directory was
case-insensitive. In just this thread we've seen SPAM, spam, and Spam :-)

Env var seems like a neat idea too... I could see something doing a "below
this score, message->inbox, below this score AND above that score
message->spam, and above someother score message->trash kind of sorting.

Any plans to have vdelivermail absorb some maildrop functionality too?


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