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does your boss have a rationale for his doubts, or are they based upon a 'gut' feeling? usually doubts arise based upon shortcomings. what shortcoming does your boss see in qmail (note, small 'q' - it is not "Qmail").

OK. He wants to know if there is a tendency on the market for some other mailserver. He asks me what mailservers the biggest linux/Unix distributors are using on their products. For example, what's the mailserver shipped with RedHat, Solaris, Mandrake, Debian, etc? I really don't know. I believe all of them are shipped only with Sendmail, but I'm not sure on this actually.

Well, to answer your question directly: RedHat ships with sendmail, but seems to be planning to migrate to exim. Debian ships with exim. Solaris still ships with sendmail. Mandrake ships with postfix. MacOS X ships with postfix. SuSe ships with postfix. The last general internet survey that I saw still gave sendmail a comfortable lead. Recently I believe there's been a bit of a shift from sendmail to postfix from the major distributors.

But let's examine this a little bit more closely: why does he care what the "tendency on the market" is?

I mean, if your current email needs are being met, and your forseeable email needs will be met by your current system, then there's really only three valid reasons to change it:

   1. The sysadmin (you) doesn't like the current setup
2. The sysadmin (you) might not have a job soon and the management is worried that the mail system might be unintelligible to his (your) replacement. 3. The current system has cost the company something (maintenance costs or embarrassing security intrusion, for example)

Disturbing as that second thought may be, there's really no other good reason to change mail systems. And, the second one is the only one that has any relation to what the "tendency on the market" is.

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