On Tuesday 05 July 2005 14:18, Listas barbarojo wrote:
> Most of the GNU/linux distributors are using sendmail but I
> can assure you that the mailserver most robust, efficient and secure is by
> far qmail. 

This is simply not true anymore.  It was true in 1997, and maybe right up to 
1999 (I'll throw you a bone).  But in 2005, qmail is far from the most 
efficient mail server out there.  It's quite secure, but can be DDOS'ed into 
oblivion by someone who knows the (simple) method of doing so.

Just because something works fairly well once it's up and running doesn't mean 
that it can't stand criticism.  There's plenty of things to be critical with 
qmail in July of 2005.  Shock... horror... the maildir format is one of them!

> Sendmail has been out there for a long time and too many 
> security bugs have been found. They have been fixed though.

Sendmail is now robust, secure and has extremely powerful features that qmail 
is completely off the map with in comparison.  It's also still inefficient... 
but fast if you have the hardware to throw at it.  That said, I don't like 
its licensing, I don't have the time to grok its configuration language and I 
have little reason to move from qmail which has been working relatively 
reliably on many machines of mine since 1996.


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