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aledr wrote:
> I've wrote a patch to support DESTDIR and remove the "-o" and "-g"
> statements on the install commands (which should be removed from the
> install commands and let %files section on the spec file take care
> about files permissions and ownerships). It's a solution for packagers
> that have a %file section to write but how to deal with it when not
> packaging?
> I was testing my DESTDIR solution but you asked for it before I got it
> finished... I prefer to wait for a reply from Matt now.

I think I've said it before, but it bares repeating.  I'm not familiar with
package systems or maintaining them.  I hope to get to that in the future,
but it just hasn't come up yet.

I think the build system needs is a way to stop the -o and -g statements
when building a package, and to use them when not.  Most everyone has
been installing vpopmail from source, and I have a feeling many will continue
to.  We can't remove setting of permissions altogether because then people
who used source would have to manually fix permissions.

If you have a recommended way of doing this that most packages do, let me
know where to read about it.  If not, I'll make one.
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