On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 9:41 PM, John Simpson <j...@jms1.net> wrote:

> maybe it doesn't need to be part of the build/packaging process, but it
> *is* something people need after the system is installed and running,
> because people *do* tweak their files by hand sometimes, and they may forget
> (or not know how) to set the permissions correctly when they're done. i just
> figured that if i'm going to write it anyway, it may as well be used by the
> setup procedure. but if matt (i guess matt has taken the lead on vpopmail
> now?) doesn't want to change the existing code, that's fine with me.

When I meant it was not needed it was only for the build process. This
utility can definitely be of use after the build has been completed but due
to some reasons some directories/executables have been messed up. In fact
there is something in qmail which I have used frequently used before -
instcheck which fixes up the perms post build.


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