On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 9:41 PM, John Simpson <j...@jms1.net> wrote:

> the only problem i see at the moment is how the FHS stuff is going to
> affect where the files are. i want the program to self-adjust to "FHS
> layout" or "built from source layout" automatically, which means i'll need
> to be able to tell either which layout was used and what the FHS locations
> are, or if there's an internal list of directories (i.e. parent directory of
> all mailboxes, location of binary files, location of config files, etc.) i
> can use, and if those directory locations will be stored in a .h file which
> can be used by external programs (which would seem to make sense.)
> all these would be passed as arguments to the configure script. They are
stored in the file config.log. Else one can have a shell script which
creates a .h file using the options passed to the configure script. Just my
2 cents.


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