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I think the build system needs is a way to stop the -o and -g statements
when building a package, and to use them when not.  Most everyone has
been installing vpopmail from source, and I have a feeling many will continue to. We can't remove setting of permissions altogether because then people
who used source would have to manually fix permissions.

here's an idea... why not include a utility which sets the ownerships and permissions correctly?

for RPM users, the program would be called called a post-install script to ensure that the newly created directory structure has the proper ownership and permissions.

for users who install from source, they can either run it by hand, or have a "make check" step which runs it.

and after it's installed, no matter HOW it was installed, the machine owner can run it at any time to ensure that the permissions of his vpopmail directory are correct.

if there's interest in the idea, i'll write it. it amounts to a compiled C version of the "vfixpermissions" script from my web site.

of course, i've never understood why the vpopmail user's numeric uid/ gid needs to be hard-coded into the executables to begin with. is it really that expensive to call getpwnam() when the program starts? or was that done simply because djb did it in qmail?

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