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here's an idea... why not include a utility which sets the ownerships and
permissions correctly?

Actually the program is not needed.

sorry, the "vfixpermissions" script on my site gets too many downloads for me to agree with you. people have a tendency to tinker with their systems, and they need a reliable way to set things back to rights when/if they break something. think about how many questions show up on this list because somebody got the permissions or ownership of a file wrong somewhere...

and right now, my script seems to be the preferred (only?) way to do this. i just think it makes sense to include it with vpopmail itself, rather than hoping people do the right kind of google search to find it on my site, usually at a point in time when they need it "right this second" and they're trying not to panic because some or all of the users can't get to their email...

maybe it doesn't need to be part of the build/packaging process, but it *is* something people need after the system is installed and running, because people *do* tweak their files by hand sometimes, and they may forget (or not know how) to set the permissions correctly when they're done. i just figured that if i'm going to write it anyway, it may as well be used by the setup procedure. but if matt (i guess matt has taken the lead on vpopmail now?) doesn't want to change the existing code, that's fine with me.

the only problem i see at the moment is how the FHS stuff is going to affect where the files are. i want the program to self-adjust to "FHS layout" or "built from source layout" automatically, which means i'll need to be able to tell either which layout was used and what the FHS locations are, or if there's an internal list of directories (i.e. parent directory of all mailboxes, location of binary files, location of config files, etc.) i can use, and if those directory locations will be stored in a .h file which can be used by external programs (which would seem to make sense.)

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