On Fri, 2009-04-03 at 18:49 -0400, John Simpson wrote:
> normally the "configure" command builds a file like "config.h", which  
> all of the other source files include. my question was what  
> information is, or will be, available in "config.h" to tell where the  
> various pieces of the package (i.e. mailbox storage, binaries,  
> configuration info, documentation, etc.) are found, rather than  
> assuming (as we do now) that they will be in the "domains", "bin",  
> "etc", "doc", and other fixed-name directories within the home  
> directory of the vpopmail user.
> assuming this information is there, it would also be useful to the  
The information is not there apart from VPOPMAILDIR, QMAILDIR. IMHO one
will need to add few AC_DEFINE... statements in configure.in to have all
directories (prefix, localstatedir, sysconfdir, libdir, includedir, etc)
e.g. to open the configuration file vpopmail.mysql the code does it like

/home/experiments/vpopmail-5.4.27>grep vpopmail.mysql *.c
vmysql.c:Add error result for "unable to read vpopmail.mysql" and return
vmysql.c:    sprintf(config, "%s/etc/%s", VPOPMAILDIR,

it needs to use SYSCONFDIR to be FHS compliant.


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