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the only problem i see at the moment is how the FHS stuff is going to
affect where the files are. i want the program to self-adjust to "FHS
layout" or "built from source layout" automatically, which means i'll need to be able to tell either which layout was used and what the FHS locations are, or if there's an internal list of directories (i.e. parent directory of all mailboxes, location of binary files, location of config files, etc.) i can use, and if those directory locations will be stored in a .h file which
can be used by external programs (which would seem to make sense.)

all these would be passed as arguments to the configure script. They are
stored in the file config.log. Else one can have a shell script which
creates a .h file using the options passed to the configure script. Just my
2 cents.

i know the mechanism for how "configure" works. the "config.log" file is a diagnostic tool, to document what the "configure" command actually did. it's not used in any further compilation or installation steps.

normally the "configure" command builds a file like "config.h", which all of the other source files include. my question was what information is, or will be, available in "config.h" to tell where the various pieces of the package (i.e. mailbox storage, binaries, configuration info, documentation, etc.) are found, rather than assuming (as we do now) that they will be in the "domains", "bin", "etc", "doc", and other fixed-name directories within the home directory of the vpopmail user.

assuming this information is there, it would also be useful to the maintainers of other packages which "add to" vpopmail (such as qmailadmin, and possibly the collection of other web admin front-ends which seem to be springing up recently) if there were a command-line tool to return this information. for example, "vsysinfo -d" would print the directory where the domains are stored, "-i" for the include files, "-l" for the location of libvpopmail.a (or .so, eventually), and my personal favourite, "-c" would print the actual "./configure" command line which was used to configure the software.

i guess, more than anything else, i need to sit down and start looking at the new code, rather than pestering everybody with questions. all i need now is free time...

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