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John Simpson wrote:
> here's an idea... why not include a utility which sets the ownerships
> and permissions correctly?

Ironically, this particular part of the vpopmail build system, I'm
trying *not* to change.  I'd like the ./configure && make && make install
to work the way it has for years for those who build from source.

I've already added the two additional steps of having to choose a backend
database module and installing the vusage daemon.

> of course, i've never understood why the vpopmail user's numeric uid/gid
> needs to be hard-coded into the executables to begin with. is it really
> that expensive to call getpwnam() when the program starts? or was that

Hindsight is 20/20.  My guess is that it was considered expensive at the
time by some, and that by the time something like dynamically determining
the uid/gid seemed the right thing to do, the source had already had many
references to hardcoded values.

There was a push to make vpopmail super-mega-efficient.  After filtering,
disk speed is the next resource limitation on a mail server.

Just an FYI, I plan to start remove configure options and making them
configuration FILE options.  I think this will probably be a part of
5.5.1-devel.  This is one reason the vusage daemon introduces the
configuration file code.  I need to re-work that code a bit though.
It's feature rich, but old, and could have it's efficiency improved

> done simply because djb did it in qmail?

I doubt that.  I've never heard anyone reference that on the list,
or in person over here.
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