On 2009-04-01, at 0955, Matt Brookings wrote:
John Simpson wrote:
here's an idea... why not include a utility which sets the ownerships
and permissions correctly?

Ironically, this particular part of the vpopmail build system, I'm
trying *not* to change. I'd like the ./configure && make && make install
to work the way it has for years for those who build from source.


Hindsight is 20/20. My guess is that it was considered expensive at the time by some, and that by the time something like dynamically determining the uid/gid seemed the right thing to do, the source had already had many
references to hardcoded values.

isn't there some kind of "vinit()" function which every program is required to call before calling any other vpopmail library function? sounds to me like those hard-coded values could be replaced with global variables, initialized to -1 in the source, and filled from a getpwnam() call within that init() function, and the rest of the code would be none the wiser.

this should make it possible to not require root in order to configure or build the software... or is there some other reason root permissions are required?

Just an FYI, I plan to start remove configure options and making them
configuration FILE options.  I think this will probably be a part of
5.5.1-devel.  This is one reason the vusage daemon introduces the
configuration file code.  I need to re-work that code a bit though.
It's feature rich, but old, and could have it's efficiency improved

you're a good man, charlie brown.

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