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>> Is there a place where such features are listed?
>> thanks
>> Art
> There are 2 places for these types of features to be listed right now.  One 
> is 
> to look at the roadmap listed on the latest release page.  However, those 
> features are more high level and rather involved.
> The other is in our JIRA system.  Anyone can create new issues there.  There 
> are various types of issues that can be created, most notable are:
> Bug
> Improvement
> New Feature
> So, what I would suggest is to create a "New Feature" issue for anything 
> you'd 
> like to see added to VCL.  Issues can be voted on.  Anyone else wanting the 
> same feature can vote for them so that they become a higher priority to the 
> rest of the community.

Good discussions. 

A good time to review -- 

Also, http://incubator.apache.org/guides/community.html Particularly 

Active committers -- the easier you can make it for someone to contribute, the 
more people will help. It seems there is a good user base. You need to help 
foster developers/contributors in this community:

* actively advertise things that need to be done
* don't fix everything (especially simpler tasks that are good for newcomers)
* praise contributions
* ask, beg, borrow for contributions
* use social media -- twitter, facebook, etc.
* is there a VCL irc channel? if not, consider using one
* freshen up the web site -- http://incubator.apache.org/vcl/

Note that "contributions" need not be in the form of "code". Documentation, web 
site, answering user questions -- all are valuable contributions to the 


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