I too am ramping up a pilot here at Virginia Tech and expect to be able to
contribute more in the future. I have incomplete code for the frontend that
adds support for IPv6. (I have also fixed a bug in IPv4 validity checking
which I need to check in but the fix is in the context of the IPv6 code.) I
will be moving on to the backend IPv6 code next. I would request that the
Foundation to be generous in allowing the project to continue flowering. I
think we will get there.


On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Art Vandenberg <avandenb...@gsu.edu> wrote:

> I concur with the thoughts on this.  At Georgia State I am working with
> Computer Science (I am in IT) to build up some resources that can move
> toward contributor level.  It is a somewhat "gradual" process, but I think
> we are moving in the right direction.
> Would it be useful to consider listing a set of "known feature requests" so
> that we could use that as "Challenges" to computer science (students,
> post-docs...)?
> I've thought of several, but not really sure how "important" they might be
> - other than being bite-sized items that would engage students, and get them
> started (i.e. develop code on our own devl system, pass up for review and
> perhaps incorporation, and so to eventually gain additional contributors.)
> For instance:
>   a) Provide option on the VCL Statistics so that one can download resource
> management traces, e.g. to CSV file.
>     Aaron Peeler was kind enough to send us a sql query (6/22/2011 email)
> he's used.  My thought would be that students would use that as start and
> implement an option to download based on this (e.g. user selectable option).
>  While the SQL Query is already done (Aaron) and the feature may be somewhat
> trivial, it could serve to get students involved.
>   b) A feature that Kelly Robinson asked about the other day (8/31/2011
> email) "Block Allocation request.  Can this be limited so that only those
> within a particular group (faculty) can make the request?" Mike Waldron's
> reply (8/31) was "I don't know a way to restrict this function to specific
> users. Looks like it would require a coding change for the frontend." That
> might be another feature of interest.
> I know that Henry Schaffer has mentioned a feature's request list (way to
> manage image list for instance).
> Is there a place where such features are listed?
> thanks
> Art
> On Sep 8, 2011, at 11:36 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> On Thursday September 08, 2011, Kevan Miller wrote:
>>> On Sep 4, 2011, at 7:55 PM, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
>>>> On Sep 4, 2011, at 7:07 AM, Kevan Miller wrote:
>>>>> It's been a while since we've had a graduation discussion.
>>>>> I've seen good progress in the community. Would be interested in
>>>>> hearing
>>>>> the thoughts of others. Do we feel the community is ready for
>>>>> graduation? Or is additional work required? If there are requirements
>>>>> to be met, what is being done to address these requirements?
>>>>> "incubation" is not a permanent process. If we're lacking aspects
>>>>> required for graduation and not making progressing on addressing these
>>>>> issues, we need to consider the alternative of ending the graduation
>>>>> process…
>>>> I think that the community activity on this group is pretty good.  I
>>>> wish
>>>> there were some diversity.  This project has most of it's members being
>>>> NCSU employees and I'l worried that if NCSU "pulled the plug" on their
>>>> efforts the project would not survive.
>>>> As it stands the project would not have my support for graduation.   I'm
>>>> not intransigent on this and am willing to discuss other viewpoints, if
>>>> there are any.
>>> Thanks Alan. I think we're largely in agreement. I've been encouraged by
>>> the level of activity and discussions within the community.
>>> I share the diversity concern (it's my only concern, at the moment). Like
>>> you, I'd be reluctant to support graduation without some growth and
>>> additional participation in the community. Unfortunately, we've been in
>>> this state for a while and I'm worried that it isn't going to change
>>> anytime soon...
>>> --kevan
>> The diversity issue has been my concern since we moved the codebase to
>> ASF.  I
>> do think the community will eventually grow enough to not be dependent on
>> a
>> single institution's involvement.  It's just a really slow process to get
>> there.  VCL is a large system, and it's not something a developer would
>> just
>> decide to jump in and start working on without having the infrastructure
>> to
>> run it and a set of users to use it.
>> The community is slowly growing, first in users, and now in people
>> contributing smaller bits of code.  It's only a matter of time before the
>> people that are contributing smaller bits of code start contributing
>> larger
>> stuff.  At that time, we'll have enough support to graduate.  To me, the
>> only
>> question is, how long is ASF willing to wait for this to happen?  If
>> that's
>> another year, maybe 2, then I think we'll make it.  If it's only a few
>> more
>> months, then I'm not so sure.
>> Josh
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