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As Mark mentioned there are some who have spent more time on this than others and I have to say there is not a clear cut answer, as your finding out one has to deal with it on a vendor by vendor basis.

Many vendors including MS are having trouble defining licensing terms within cloud computing solutions. We are usually successfully once we have explained the software is running on university owned machines. I will provide you with the contact info of our NCSU license coordinator off-list and you can contact him directly .


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    I've asked about this before, and didn't get a lot of response,
    but licensing issues are turning out to be a major issue in our
    VCL pilot project, so I would be interested in talking to anyone
    who can share licensing details of software that is being provided
    to students in a VCL environment.


     The vendors would be happy to sell us additional licenses to
    allow us to allow students to access the VCL from the student’s
    personal machine, but this would add a lot to the cost of a full
    scale VCL implementation, so we would like to learn more about
    licensing at other places that have implemented a VCL to check
    with what vendors are telling us.  If you have a licensing manager
    who would be willing to talk to our licensing manager, please
    send  me contact info.

The VAVCL group meet last year and discussed software licensing. I believe John Krallman from Virginia Tech attended. There is also another meeting coming up in August. You can contact Sharon Pitt <sp...@gmu.edu <mailto:sp...@gmu.edu>> at George Mason University who can give you more details but here is the invitation I received:

/"Current software licensing models can be barriers to consumer-orientated technology services. On August 11, 2010, you are invited to discuss new software licensing models that allow us to serve faculty, staff and students in innovative, improved and more cost effective ways. This statewide software summit will be held at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA from 9:30am - 3:30pm. More information, including registration information, will be forthcoming. In the meantime, please hold the date."/

I also believe that NC State has done quite a bit with licensing in the process of developing the VCL approach. You may be able to contact Harry Schaffer or others at NCSU for more information. (Sorry, I don't have any special insights into the issues of licensing.)


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