Riny Qian wrote:
> Darren J Moffat wrote:
>> Riny Qian wrote:
>>> Darren J Moffat wrote:
>>>> Why do we need to expose the difference between
>>>> console-login and vconsole-login ?  I don't think we
>>>> need and more importantly I don't see a benefit to
>>>> the admin in doing so.
>>> The main reason is that the vconsole-login service is only available
>>> in the global zone.  Actually at the beginning, I also tried to make
>>> console-login into a multiple instances service.
>> I don't see how that means you need a separate vconsole-login service.
>> It just means that in a non global zone only the default
>> instance is present and online.
>> The correct interface here is to have only a single
>> service name and multiple instances.
>> I'm quite strongly opposed to having vconsole-login
>> separate from console-login.
>> If you need help working out how to have a the vt? instances
>> only active in the global zone then ask the smf-discuss list
>> for help.
> We can check if we're in the global zone in the smf start method
> (console-login); if not, disable all virtual console instances.
> # svcs  | grep login
> online         17:49:11 svc:/system/console-login:default
> online         17:49:11 svc:/system/console-login:vt6
> online         17:49:11 svc:/system/console-login:vt2
> online         17:49:11 svc:/system/console-login:vt5
> online         17:49:11 svc:/system/console-login:vt3
> online         17:49:11 svc:/system/console-login:vt4
> online         17:49:11 svc:/system/console-login:vt1
> console-login:default is for the system console, others for
> virtual consoles.
> Does any other application or smf service (method) depends
> on that console-login is a single-instance service?

svcs -D console-login on my snv_50 system implies that
there is not any service that depends on console-login.

So I guess that would be none depend on it being
a single instance service.

Darren J Moffat

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