Marko Mäkelä wrote:
It does.  The typical use case is that you pause live video or start
a recording with a timer, then start watching it while it is still
recording, so that you can skip commercial breaks.  Then you get
interrupted while watching it.  It would be very handy to push the
power button.

Actually I would press the pause button, as I usually don't want to miss anything. And then the playback should be halted anyway, no matter if display is on or off.

Unneeded tuners get de-tuned. Provide there are unneeded tuners. (I know that my primary FF card tuner gets de-tuned if I play back a recording.)

How can I check this?  Using dvbstream or tzap while vdr is running?
Or from some file in /sys or /proc?

I can, because my second card has the annoying 'feature' to loose its signal if the first FF card turns off the LNB power. Its quite common for me that I get a VDSB on recording start while watching a playback. The easiest fix is to start a recording that keeps the primary FF card 'busy'.



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