Hi list,

I've finished a third version of the shutdown rewrite. Again there are two patches available, one for VDR 1.5.0, and one with slight changes for 1.4.x.


- Shutdown command called with /dev/null as stdin

- Shutdown script now called with plugin name as 4th parameter
  if the wakeup time is set by a plugin. Summarized:
  No restart:
    shutdown.sh 0 0 0 "" Force
  Timer restart:
    shutdown.sh Time Delta Channel "Timer-Name" Force
  Plugin restart:
    shutdown.sh Time Delta 0 "Plugin-Name" Force

- Changed cPluginManager::NextWakeupEvent into
  cPluginManager::GetNextWakeupEventPlugin to return the plugin
  that schedules the next event, instead of just the time_t.

- Merged SystemExecSession into SystemExec of thread.c

- Added #define PATCH_SHUTDOWN_REWRITE to detect the patch
  Use #if VDRVERSNUM >= 105xx || defined(PATCH_SHUTDOWN_REWRITE) after
  final integration into VDR.

- Adapted newplugin script.

- Adapted PLUGINS.html.

- Adapted INSTALL for new shutdown behavior.


- i18n strings:
  "VDR will shut down later. Press power to force."
  "VDR will shut down in %s minutes"
  "Replaying - shut down anyway?"
  "Cutting - shut down anyway?"
  "Plugin activity in %ld minutes, shut down anyway?"



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