On 8/10/07, Hannu Tirkkonen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I did ;)
> Got reply on 23.7. from Reel:
> New status: Versandfreigabe
> I was really waiting for the card, but after the Acher's reply "No
> subtitles for h264 for now...", there's no hurry to start to tests after the
> card (hopefully someday) arrives...

Does this mean RMM has actually shipped you the card ? I want to order this
card but when I created an account on the RMM shopping website it would not
allow me to see the prices of any of the products.  I suspect because I'm in
the USA it will not show me prices in USD.  I have e-mailed RMM about
pricing/availability of the card but have not gotten any response.

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