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> from my understanding of happened discussions:
> 1080p: HDMI supported, YUV Not supported (the decoderchip should be able 
> to handle it , the Focus(? - Chip for analog output) can not handle it 
> according to spec. *unofficially only from my understanding

> Easiest would be , if there would be a framebuffer you just could use 
> for it, shouldn't it ?

There is a memory mapped framebuffer visible over PCI, we just have to write
a driver for it. Then also X should be possible (@800*600, 32bit RGBA), but
until then, consider this as a "maybe" and not a promised feature. The
vdr-osd is currently done by message passing to a drawing daemon on the
card itself.

But for playing back "unsupported" formats, recoding to MPEG1 should be
do-able, I haven't tried it. Also note that some "unsupported" or not
mentioned formats may actually be supported by the chip and we just
currently have no SW support for that (container parsing, etc.). There are
people working on the "universal media player part". But that's not my area,
I can't comment on other supported formats than h.264 and MPEG2 (SD/HD) for
> Yes the same i think - looks like NG FF card ;) - so who is starting to 
> buy one ? ;)

For the "full" it's missing the tuner. But given the TV programming
nowadays, it's not a real drawback ;-)

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