Georg Acher wrote:
> But for playing back "unsupported" formats, recoding to MPEG1 should be
> do-able, I haven't tried it. Also note that some "unsupported" or not
> mentioned formats may actually be supported by the chip and we just
> currently have no SW support for that (container parsing, etc.). There are
> people working on the "universal media player part". But that's not my area,
> I can't comment on other supported formats than h.264 and MPEG2 (SD/HD) for
> now.

Just one comment on another format: VC-1? Do you know if the board 
supports it?
I know that VC-1 is not common on DVB, but I would prefer a hw 
acceleration solution that supports all the HDDVD/Bluray codecs.

And one general question: Does the HDMI output support 24p?

Thanx in advance


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