Karl Glatz wrote:
> But the disadvantages are clear: Modern GPUs support more than the OSD 
> provided by VDR (even older gpus do that).
> So none of these Output-Plugins will face the real problem: The OSD is 
> (mostly) limited to work with FF cards.
> [...]
> Even if you don't like such interfaces, they are the future.
> I think VDR should be modular enough to implement such a Frontend/Output 
> (is it a OSD?). AFAIK this is not possible in the current state.

The VDR 1.7.x development line has already seen some deep limitations of 
VDR going away, or will soon. And even more groundbreaking changes are 
already on the agenda. Together with HD devices, the SD limited OSD 
structures will surely have to change too. So just be patient, there's 
lots of change ahead, but: Important things first!



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