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> On 07.12.2008 18:40, gimli wrote:
>> / Hi Klaus,
> />/ />/ just one question. Do you also use a budget system ?
> />/ If so, how do you watch TV with vdr 1.7.1 and later ;)
> />/ since xineliboutput is completly broken with it.
> /
> Currently I still have a FF DVB card for replaying, which, in
> the long run, will be replaced by an eHD card.
> Klaus
I hope you don't buy an eHD card since I don't believe it's the way to 
go and it would drive VDR in the wrong direction. I'm sitting here with 
a €65 nvidia 8200-based motherboard playing 1080p videos with the cpu 
97% idle using vdpau and ffmpeg! That's NOT software decoding if you ask 
me. And now that hdmi audio finally works with nvidia it's just awesome. 
I REALLY hope the xine guys will get this running soon.
Btw, thanks to Klaus and the rest for all the work you put into this.
/Magnus H

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